Amalgam Of Distortion

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Alternative: 扭曲的汞齐 (Chinese); 歪のアマルガム (Japanese); Ibitsu no Amalgam
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Author(s): Ishiyama Ryou
Genre: Action , Drama , Horror , Mature , Romance , School life , Sci fi , Shounen , Supernatural,
Status: Ongoing
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This story is about a boy named Rokumichi Kusaba who wants to confess his feelings to Yayoi Hino, his childhood friend. Unfortunately, after choosing the place to confess, he gets crushed by a train and loses his lower half. Rokumichi then gets saved by a scientist who turns him into a monster instead of a regular human being. What is his life going to be like while being under the guise of a monster? And what will his childhood friend think?!

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