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Alternative: Toriko to Narite ; Torikotonarite ; トリコトナリて ; 虜となりて
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Author(s): Kirioka sana
Genre: Smut, Animals, Comedy, Doujinshi, Fantasy, Ninja, Romance, Slice of life, Supernatural,
Status: Completed
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In the Land of Twelve Gods, everyone has a social class corresponding to an animal, and everyone is able to transform into their class animal at will. The young rabbit girl Rikka is married to the wolf-man Tooma, and the two are madly in love. He is a member of the wolfguards who uphold the law in the Land. This is the story of this happy couple and their adventures. Original doujinshi written and drawn by Kirioka Sana under the pen name "Sana" via the doujinshi circle Memechi Diamond. (The "circle" seems to have Kirioka as its sole member.)