Haikei Date Masamune-Sama

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Alternative: 拝啓 伊達政宗様 ; Dear Masamune Date
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Author(s): Nakajima Tsubasa
Genre: Comedy , Romance , Shoujo,
Status: Completed
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From Evil Flowers and Shoujo Crusade:Tamura Aki is a maniac when it comes to historical things and she especially loves Date Masamune. Therefore, when she meets for the first time Hashiba Masaki, who happens to have a bandage on his right eye, just like Masamune, she believes that he´s her destined love. Hashiba-sama, as Aki calls him, is a rather violent guy that fights with his fists some yakuza-like fellows. How will she be able to get close to him in this kind of a situation?

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