Himitsu Niwa Mukanai Syokugyou

Himitsu Niwa Mukanai Syokugyou Manga

Alternative: An Occupation Unsuited for Secrecy ; 秘密には向かない職業
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Author(s): Kanai kei
Genre: Yaoi, Smut, Drama, Romance,
Status: Completed
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From Good Girls Scan BL: “You are so dazzling, yet far away.” Yori, the leader of the idol group “D.BUG”, and his ex-manager, Mikura, are dating in secret. The company president had approved of their cohabitation and their shared lives were smooth-sailing until one day, Yori gets selected for a stage play by the famous stage director, Ogami. Ogami discovers Yori’s potential as an actor as Yori begins to immerse himself in Ogami’s play. Watching the relationship between these two develop, complicated feelings start to take root in Mikura’s heart...