Ikiri Yuusha Wa Sukuenai!

Ikiri Yuusha Wa Sukuenai! Manga

Alternative: Ikiri Yūsha Wa Sukuenai! ; There is no salvation for the arrogant hero! ; イキリ勇者は救えない!
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Author(s): Sasaki nanigashi
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Reincarnation, Web comic,
Status: Ongoing
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The one chosen as the hero is ... an arrogant old man!? The angel Nicholas has reincarnated a completely unrelated old man as the hero. She embarks on a journey with the old man to defeat the Demon King, but the old man puts on airs as if he is above all others. Anything can happen in this isekai reincarnation comedy !!