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Alternative: Isekai Yuusha ; Isekai Yuusha Robo ; Otherworld Brave G-SHINE ; Otherworld Hero G-SHINE
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Author(s): Katou takuji
Genre: Doujinshi, Fantasy, Isekai, Mecha, Web comic,
Status: Completed
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In the 90s, blending old-school Super Robot anime with elements of the recently-ended Transformers series, aired the “Braves” (Yuusha) franchise. With bodies of steel, hearts of fire, and oddly handsome faces, each one from “Brave Exkaiser” (1990) to “King of Braves GaoGaiGar” (1997) stood as a selfless guardian of love, peace and courage. So when an isekai princess tries to summon a “Yuusha”, who better to answer her call? ...wait, this is what the artist of the Knights' & Magic manga does in his spare time? Guy must really love his job.

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