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Alternative: Kimi no Nioi (Your Scent), 7-Nenbun no Netsu (7 Years Worth of Passion; Extra), きみのにおい, Your Scent, Kimino Nioi
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Author(s): Hiwo Sagano ,
Genre: Romance, Yaoi,
Status: Ongoing
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A reunion after 7 years. And I’m still the same just like those times… I’m still in love with Hijiri…Ito, a hairdresser, decided to rent a share-house in Tokyo. As he moved in, he noticed a sweet, nostalgic scent. There, at the same day, another person came to move in on the same house. It was Takehisa Hijiri, his close friend that he fell in love with!Ito has a body that ends up getting excited whenever he smells Hijiri’s scent. Because it was between men – a love that will never come true – he thought of giving up but, his body still reacts?!

Maybe coming in the next issue