Koi Wa Go Go!

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Alternative: 恋はGOGO! ; Koi wa GoGo ; Koi wa GoGo!
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Author(s): Yamamoto Kotetsuko ,
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Yaoi,
Status: Completed
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Chapter 1 & 2:Chapter 3: How should you react when you find yourself in bed with a co worker - with no memory of how you got there or what you did? Natsukawa finds himself in this impossible situation - what did he do and why is Suzuki suddenly offering to 'take responsibility' ?!Chapter 4: Yuge is an aspiring actor whom Tatsuta has admired since high school - so he makes the decision to go to Tokyo in order to be closer. Through a series of minor events he ends up living with Yuge as a house keeper - how will things develop?Chapter 5 & 6Rui, a university student, is secretly falling in love with Takuya, his cool neighbor guy. Once, Rui saw Takuya was semi-nude when he was changing clothes carelessly. He wishes he "could hold that body" and started to do indecent things but was unexpectedly seen by Takuya in bad scene...

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