Marika-chan and Her Gentle Love Slave

Marika-chan and Her Gentle Love Slave Manga

Alternative: Marika-chan to Yasashii Koi no Dorei ; 茉莉花ちゃんと優しい恋の奴隷 ; 茉莉花的裙下之臣
View: 1159000 views
Author(s): Toyama monaka
Genre: Smut, Drama, Psychological, Romance,
Status: Ongoing
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Marika-chan and Her Gentle Love Slave Content

[from cotton candy scans] “It’s because Yuu-kun is Marika’s slave!” One day, my childhood friend Marika, whom I haven’t met in 4 years suddenly appeared in front of me and said that. What...?! Was her personality always like that? Actually, hold up. Ever since then, I intentionally put some distance between Marika and I... Yes, after she saw me doing that... A provocative and tantalizing heart-throb! Thus begins the battle for dominance & back-and-forth game of love!