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Alternative: My Husband Hides His Beauty ; 남편이 미모를 숨김
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Author(s): 정연
Genre: Adaptation, Comedy, Fantasy, Full color, Historical, Isekai, Long strip, Magic, Reincarnation, Romance, Web comic, Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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There is a family, who for generations, were rumored to be monsters. The lord of the Halstead castle, Erden. He adorns a mask to hide his scary face. Leticia, who was sent to marry Lord Halstead in place of her sisters, began to be referred to as 'the woman who married the monster' and was pitied by others. but there is a secret that they don't know. "I'm always grateful to you, wife. You're so kind to the unsightly me…" "Well, since I'm Erden's wife." "I need to divorce you soon so you won't be troubled by such things anymore… I'm sorry but I lost the divorce papers." Well of course, that's because I burnt them. "So I need more time… I think it'll take more time." I need to spread more scary rumors about the north to the lawyers. I am definitely not divorcing such a handsome husband!!!