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Alternative: Samurai ΠΟΥΠΑΝ!
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Author(s): Thanos kyratzis
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Demons, Fantasy, Martial arts, Military, Monsters, Ninja, One shot, Samurai, User created, Web comic,
Status: Completed
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Samuari Poupan / ΠΟΥΠΑΝ is a five-page spin-off comic of a script we're working on - there's a girl samurai, a cursed armour with a demon-uncle and a sword to be retrieved. The title is a mix of English, Japaneses and Greek. ΠΟΥΠΑΝ is an idiolectic word meaning 'Where are they going', a reminder for ourselves that we still need to figure out where this comic is heading. The japanese (kanji) we wrote, might not make 100% sense, as we were aiming for a comedic impact than a literal one (also, our Japanese friend who kindly translated what we wanted gave us some weird looks.) You can find the LoudMouse Crew on Facebook: LoudMouse Crew Comics Instagram @loudmousecrew and on our website,

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