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Alternative: Casa de Sombras ; Shadōhausu ; Shadow House ; シャドーハウス
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Author(s): Soumatou
Genre: Fantasy, Full color, Horror, Mystery, Official colored, Slice of life, Supernatural,
Status: Ongoing
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Faceless shadow nobles living in a vast mansion, attended by living dolls who spend much of their time cleaning up the soot endlessly emitted by their mysterious masters. Follow the story of Emilyko, a young and cheerful living doll, as she learns her duties serving as the attendant for Kate Shadow-sama. What dangers and dark secrets will she and Kate encounter, as they become more deeply involved in the inner workings of the shadows' society? [u][b]Spanish / Español:[/b][/u] [spoiler]Nobles sombras sin rostro que viven en una vasta mansión, atendidos por muñecos vivientes que pasan gran parte de su tiempo limpiando el hollín emitido por sus misteriosos maestros. Sigue la historia de Emilyko, una joven y alegre muñeca viviente, mientras aprende sus deberes como asistente de Kate Shadow-sama.[/spoiler]

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