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Alternative: 자살 소년
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Author(s): Parkgee
Genre: Comedy, Full color, Long strip, Official colored, School life, Slice of life, Web comic, Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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Lee Hoon is a 17 year old shut-in/highschool boy who wants to commit suicide, but can't decide on the method of his death so he wants to test all the various ideas he comes up with. Hooni is current living alone suicidally depressed over the debts left by his run away abusive drunk of a Father and the hospital bills racked up due to his now deceased Mother's illness, with very little savings he's also been unable to pay his rent for months, even at school he's bullied. 정보: [spoiler] 〈17세 현역 고등학생 이훈이 오늘도 자살을 시도〉 사정은 이렇다. 폭력을 일삼던 알코올 중독 아버지는 어머니가 병으로 죽자 빚을 남긴 채 도주+집에서는 히키코모리+학교에서는 왕따++ 세상의 모든 불행을 더한듯한 인생을 사는 그에게 삶은 암흑이요 미래는 절망, 현실은 괴로울 뿐이다. 결국 온갖 방법의 자살을 시도하지만 그것도 번번이 미수로 끝나고, 오늘도 이훈은 죽지 못해 살아간다…. [/spoiler]

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