The God Of Pain’S Groom

The God Of Pain’S Groom Manga

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Author(s): Cloverbl Demonicblackcat ,
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shounen ai,
Status: Ongoing
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The God Of Pain’S Groom Content

BASED ON THE NOVEL BY DEMONICBLACKCAT. For centuries, the Clandor families have provided brides to the Khaol, The God of Pain. The Clandors have always bred beautiful females: they’re pale-skinned, golden haired, and mild-mannered. That is, until one day, Forrest Clandor refuses to be wedded and attend a typical high school house party instead. Fortunately, her twin brother River Clandor is up for the task. He pretends to be Forrest and step up to ‘marry’ Khaol. He doesn’t believe that the whole thing is real, until Khaol really does show up and accepts him as his groom. Can River handle being married to a mercurial, short-tempered God? And how did his family end up in this situation anyway? Also, why doesn’t Khaol seem to mind that he just married a guy?