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Alternative: 기다려! 늑대, Wait, Wolf!, Espera, lobo! (spanish), Sandali lang! Lobo, Đợi Em ( vietnamese), vent, ulv! (norwegian) Wacht, wolf! (Dutch),Asteapta, lupule!(romanian), Warte, Wolf!(German),Vent, ulv!(Danish), Bekle!Kurt(Turkish), Vänta, Varg! (Swedish),انتظر ,ذئب !
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Author(s): Hwang Mi-Ri ,
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Harem, Romance, School life, Shoujo,
Status: Ongoing
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Princess of romance, Hwi-Kyung. The handsome, wolf-like, Three Musketeer guys who run to Hwi-Kyung wherever she is.They make a secret promise without Hwi-Kyung knowing. If one of them starts to love Hwi-Kyung, their friendship will shatter.A no-love oath.The prince of confidence, Yoon Suh-Rin's, charm!Te-Ri, who became a two-timer because he loved Hwi-Kyung!And the one who hid his love for Hwi-Kyung's happiness, the charismatic Jo Hwan-Sung's sad love story!

Maybe coming in the next issue