Westwood Vibrato

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Alternative: ウエストウッド・ビブラート ; West Wood Vibrato
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Author(s): Youn in-wan
Genre: Seinen, Adventure, Drama, Slice of life, Webtoon,
Status: Completed
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This story was released in Japan, in black and white (and some full color pages). After some time it started to also be released in Korea, as a webcomic in full color. The chapters are pretty much the same, there’s a few differences like: the extras in the Japanese version are in the end of each chapter, in the Korean version it’s in a special chapter; also almost all the images are flipped horizontally. Story: Whatever instrument, the genius instrument repairman Cornelia Bobo Warshaw will tune it to your desire. From Yoon In Wan, the author of ’Island’, ’New Amhanguhsah’ and Kim Sun Hee, the author of ’Three Kingdoms of Go’ comes a new creation about music and drama. (from Webtoon Live) Note: Each chapter (or “track“) is usually made of multiple parts and each group did the chapter breaks differently

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