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Alternative: Дикая Жизнь (Russian); ワイルドライフ (Japanese); สัตวแพทย์มือใหม่ หัวใจเมโลดี้ (Thai); 野性之聲; 野生動物醫生 (Chinese); Cuộc sống hoang dã (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)
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Author(s): Fujisaki Masato ,
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Shounen, Slice of life,
Status: Ongoing
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[From Boku-Tachi]: Tesshou is your typical high school delinquent with a special skill. He has a perfect pitch. This skill enables him to hear things most people wouldn't. After saving a small dog, Tesshou realises his calling in life is to become a Vet! Wild Life is currently running the the serial magazine Shounen Sunday.

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